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Nieuw: Dusenberg Joe Walsh Signature


We are proud that for the first model of this brand new Duesenberg Series we had the honor of working together with one of the most remarkable and influential musicians of our time.
In alliance with Joe Walsh we developed an instrument which not only meets Joe’s requirements for tone, looks and playability but which is aimed to also fit the taste of many other guitar players out there.

The instrument features numerous different details connected to Joe’s style or history. The fretboard inlays spell his name in morsecode, referencing his passion for radio operation.
Being a serious guitarhead himself, he also likes to mess around with the hardware of his guitars, often resulting in weird hardware finish mixes, so for this reason the hardware of the Alliance Joe Walsh is a mix of nickel and gold.


The instrument will be available in a beautiful classic Gold Burst or solid Black finish. According to the main colour, the instrument has a Fullerton Elite Style headstock front in either Gold Burst/Brown or Black/Pearloid.
The Tibetan Knot on the top between both pickups is a symbol of very personal meaning to Joe which he also carries as a tattoo. The guitar features a thin body profile measuring only 3.5cm/1.37″, a regular Duesenberg mid D profile Neck and medium Jumbo frets.A Duesenberg Little Toaster pickup delivers transparent treble tone in the bridge position and the state-of-the-art noise-cancelling Duesenberg SingleTwin Singlecoil gives clear classic neck sounds in any situation. The guitars are equipped with our own Radiator Tremolo which we customized with a golden grill.

Nu in de winkel: Kool & Elfring Blue Sky!!


The Blue Sky is a single channel 35 Watt-6L6 amplifier. It is specially designed for those guitar players that shape their sounds with pedals. It follows the characteristics of your pedals like no other. Warm, lush 6L6 tone completes the magic.

The Blue Sky is very-easy-to-use and unlike any other 'clean' amplifier it is super dynamic and reponds very well to your playing. Fat cleans, huge headroom and loads of character make it the dream tool for the seasoned pedalboard magician.

Vernieuwde openingstijden!


Met ingang van 1 februari zijn onze openingstijden:

dinsdag t/m vrijdag: 10.00-17.30uur
donderdagavond koopavond: 19.00-21.00uur
zaterdag: 10.00-17.00uur

Nieuw binnen gekomen!


Duesenberg 59er Tobacco sunburst!

The Duesenberg 59 is the ultimate solid body guitar for every artist, with the Tobacco Burst stop tailpiece version or the classic Black, with Duesenberg tremelo. The 59 Series will eliminate any questions on how perfection is measured!

REMO Silentstroke Drumheads!

Silentstroke drumvellen zijn perfect als normale vellen te veel volume produceren. Silentstroke vellen hebben een natuurlijke feel en geven wat betreft geluidssterkte, ongeveer 10% weer van wat normale drumvellen produceren. Ze zijn leverbaar in snare, tom en bassdrum maten!

Roland Cube 10GX

With its impressive sound, built-in effects, and the ability to swap COSM amp types via a free app for iOS and Android devices, the CUBE-10GX is the perfect small amp for jamming, bedroom practice, and recording. Built to the respected CUBE standard, the CUBE-10GX delivers big, full tones with its custom 8-inch speaker and heavy-duty cabinet design. Clean, Crunch, and Lead amp types come ready to play from the factory, but you can easily switch them out from your favorite mobile device. The CUBE KIT app includes multiple amps to choose from, including vintage classics, ultra-heavy gain machines, and even amps for bass and acoustic-electric guitar. The compact CUBE-10GX also includes options for shaping your tones even further with three-band EQ and onboard chorus, delay, and reverb effects.

Nieuw binnen gekomen: Kool & Elfring Straight8!!


Channel 1 'Mild mode` is more clean with tighter bass response

The sounds of channel 1 Mild mode are best described as dynamic, three-dimensional, open and sparkling. It’s warm yet with good definition. The gain setting starts at splendidly sparkling and dynamically clean. Beyond one o’clock the clean morphs into a clean sound with sweetly organic edge of breakup. Around three o’clockvery gradually the sound changes into a sweet and subtle 3d-crunch.

Channel 1 'Hot mode' Is hotter with fatter bass response

The 'Hot mode' is close to the original Plexi's sound and feel that we've all grown so familiar with. The sound breaths, it's three-dimensional and open sounding with spongy bass response, very fat mids and those rich halo-kind of high frequencies that fade away just before becoming to harsh or brittle. Just like the original this amp is super dynamically. Even with the gain at full you're still able to clean up the tone by soft attack on the strings or turning back the volume knob on your guitar. Turning up the the guitars volume knob and hitting the strings hard will give you that that briliant complex saturation whichmakes Plexi tone so unique.

Channel 2 : Overdrive / Hotrodded Plexi
Mode 2 boosts the Plexi-tone into sweet, tonesoaked overdrive. Extra gainstages are added to the internal circuitry resulting in a more compressed tone with endless sustain. The overall ''Plexi feel'' is still there but just fatter and hotter!

SVC -Seamless Volume Control- Tube amp volume under control...
The SVC power feature enables the amp to produce 0,1 Watt bedroom levels yet retaining great tone. That is without thinning up the tone nor destroying the sustain.



Paiste 20" Innovations heavy ride Van €276,-      Voor €169,-
18" Innovations med. crashVan €236,-     Voor €139,-
2002 20" novo china Van €356,-              Voor €199,-
2002 14" hihat Van €414,-                       Voor €249,-
2002 8" splash Van €140,-                      Voor €85,-
Paiste 2002 10" splash Van €160,-                    Voor €96,-
Paiste 2002 20" ride Van €356,-                        Voor €199,-
Paiste line 18" fast crash Van €410,-                 Voor €249,-
line 16" fast crash Van €334,-                 Voor €199,-
Paiste line 20" full ride Van €470,-                     Voor €279,-
Paiste line 12" hihat Van €412,-                        Voor €149,-


Duesenberg "Fullerton CC": op voorraad bij Sound House Hoogeveen!


Some say it all started in Fullerton California, where Leo Fender built his first electric guitar. We have moved our US office to Downtown Fullerton...
it seems the Mojo has returned...

The New Fullerton Series combines the best of two worlds.

Our DTV and CC models have merged to create a new double cutaway with elegant lines and a bold statement that makes this guitar as one of our finest achievements.

€1949,= inclusief case!

10th Anniversary Eastman!!


In de afgelopen 10 jaar heeft Eastman een ongelofelijke indruk gemaakt op de gitaarwereld! Een volle sound, prachtige afwerking en een prima bespeelbaarheid zijn kenmerkend voor elk Eastman-product. Sound House Hoogeveen beschikt over een zeer uitgebreide collectie Eastman gitaren. Komt dat zien een horen!  

Eastman AR810CE

Wat een beauty! Kijk bij "occasions elektrische gitaar"!

Kool&Elring ACE boost

Nieuw! Made in Holland! Nu €299,=
The ACE BOOST pedal is all tube "clean boost" pedal which means it pushes the first gain stages of your tube amp into saturation. Lower gain settings add beautifull harmonics to clean sounds, warming up the sounds nicely! Medium gain settings will result in some real tasty crunc-tones. Turning it up further and the sound changes into full blown, open, harmonically rich, 3d lead tones!