Visual Sound Visual Volume

The Visual Volume features discreet stereo ins and outs, and a tuner out for silent tuning. But surely the first thing to catch one’s eye is its vertical row of 10 LED’s. As one gasses the pedal, the LED’s light, giving one a visual indication of where one’s gain level is. Brilliant! Musicians everywhere now can simply look down to see where their volume level is.

Those stereo ins and outs also mean you can use the pedal with 2 separate instruments, into 2 independent devices. Of course you can also plug into only 1 of the inputs and use it to split one’s signal to 2 amplifiers, or channels of a DI… or just use it mono. The Visual Volume operates on a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt adaptor such as the Visual Sound 1 SPOT. The pedal is also operational without battery or adaptor in passive mode.