Proel Wave 10A

Proel Wave10A
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The new WEDGE Series by PROEL is a complete range of active stage monitors designed to offer not only to professional musicians and rental companies, but also to amateur musicians and nonprofessional users, a highly valuable monitoring solution at a very affordable price. Each of the three WD models provides a perfect sound intelligibility and a high SPL in an extremely light-weight and portable enclosure.
The coaxial transducers, designed under PROEL specifications, represent the best choice for stage monitors, not only because they fit into more compact cabinets, but also for the fact that they provide a perfect alignment in the emission of high and low frequencies and a controlled directivity for a perfect listening from any position.
The lightweight CLASS D amplifier modules with SMPS, coupled to a sophisticated analog processing, provide an impressive sound pressure level, with an extremely detailed response, particularly in the vocal range, and a remarkable resistance to feedback. 
Two tailored EQ PRESETS are available for the use of the speaker not only for stage monitoring (MONITOR), but also as a MAIN SOUND SYSTEM (FOH).
The low-profile, stylish and unobtrusive cabinet, finished with scratch-resistant polyurethane painting, fits perfectly on any stage.
WD10A, the ultra-compact model of the series, offers a highperformance monitoring also on small stages or venues with a limited space and it ‘s the ideal solution for speech, vocals and keyboards.
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